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So far this week… February 8, 2013

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Back to Back Runs February 1, 2013

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Yesterday was the first day for my son to be back in daycare.  Which means I had a good part of the day to myself!  I didn’t have to get my run in on anyone else’s schedule.  It was nice!


I ran two miles, and when I say ran, I walked probably a half mile or so of the two miles.  I am still trying to figure out the conversational pace thing… I’m getting there, I think.  I also had issues with my new shoes.  It was nice though, I went for my job in a tank and running skirt! In January!

Today I wanted to follow up and run on tired legs, well tired for me.  I know two miles isn’t a lot, but its enough to get my legs tired!  I didn’t really have a distance in mind, but I didn’t want to run the same way I have been.  I should have gone out to the park and ran there, but by time I got out the door I didn’t have time before picking up the boy.



One mile, on tired legs, at a way too fast of pace.  The more I think about it, maybe I should just go with this too fast of running and just get used to it.  My ultimate goal is to be able to run at a 10 minute pace over a long distance, so maybe it isn’t a bad thing I don’t seem to be able to slow down.   Again, I had shoe issues, they were just different this time.

Next run is probably going to be on Sunday.  Tomorrow and Saturday we will be out of town and I’m not the best at getting runs in when we aren’t home.  And I can already feel my legs getting sore.  I think I should stick to just two days to let my legs rest a bit, they aren’t used to this kind of exertion!




Two More Runs January 27, 2013

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My longest run of the year so far.  I went to a flat track for my 3 mile run. My goal was to run the whole thing, minimal or no walking.   I was successful in that goal.  I had to stop to pull my shorts down a few times, for some reason they’ve been riding up on me.  I also stopped at about half a mile to stretch my left calf.  This was the first run in my new shoes and they were effecting my gait and making my left leg sore.  More on the shoes in a later post.  I am super surprised at how fast I ran that fast though.  I’ve been consistently been putting down 15 min miles (including walking breaks) so I’m surprised that cutting down on the walking made my pace THAT much faster.


Short run a few days after my long run.  My pace was a lot slower, but my legs were still tired from the long run.  I was also having issues with my shoes.  I haven’t found just the right tightness to tie them yet.  On this particular route, it goes downhill at about half a mile and then I turn around at one mile and have to go back up the hill.  I wish it were the other way around, I’d rather go up hill with fresh legs, then when I’m tired, run back down.  I might have to try to find a route around here like that.


Next week I’m shooting for 3 runs.  For the past 2 – 3 weeks, I’ve only managed to make myself get in two runs, so I’m going to try to up it to 3 a week for the next 2 – 3 weeks, then 4 times a week is what I think I’ll stick to.  I want my body to be comfortable with the frequency before I add more.  My goal is to slowly get used to running without hurting myself so I can eventually convince myself I’m having a good time.



Just keep running January 18, 2013

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First run, non stop. No walking today!!



First long run January 17, 2013

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PB oatmeal chocolate chip cookies January 10, 2013

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Does it count as an upper body workout if I cream butter and sugar together by hand?



Kale Chips January 9, 2013

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I made kale chips yesterday. They have been hugely popular because of the health benefits. Apparently eating a dark leafy green is preferred to eating potato chips! So I bought a bunch of kale and bakes it until crispy. Seasoned with salt, cumin and garlic and then tasted.


I have to admit. I still can’t decide if I like them. The first bite is kind I pleasant but the more you chew the more bitter it gets. I keep trying them hoping its an acquired taste.

Anyone else tries kale chips? Love them? Hate them?


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