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Quicky (for me) August 16, 2012

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This morning my alarm went off to get up and go for a jog.  Well, my head get out of the bed but my body just didn’t want to move, so my head had to strike a deal with my body… 2 miles, I know seems like such a short distance, but I’m working on it.  I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, mind you its 6am, and find my 4 year old awake and ready to go, wanting breakfast and to play Mario Kart.  On top of being up at 6am, he came to tell me he had to go potty last night around 10, so I have no idea how much sleep he got to tell what kind of mood he’ll be in. 

Back to the jog… I started out apparently at a quick pace, I noticed I was breathing heavier than I usually do sooner into my jog, but I thought I was just tired.  Then, my iPhone GPS thingy told me I was at half a mile, already!  I was going significantly faster than I usually run, I don’t really have any idea why… My first mile was at 11:38.  That is really fast for me.  I’m usually pushing 14 minutes.  My second mile didn’t go as fast, but still faster than my usual 14 minutes.  I had my 2 miles done averaging a 12:20 pace.  If I can keep even close to that pace for my 5k on Saturday, I will be estatic!

Speaking of a 5k, I signed up for a 5k in Cincinnati, the Bohlke 5k walk/run.  I signed up for the run and they even had a category for fat girls like me, so I put my hat into that ring!  I’m hoping that will make my competition easier, I mean how many overweight people run?  Not a whole lot, from what I gather, overweight people who run aren’t overweight for long 🙂 Here’s hoping thats the case with me!  I’m not expecting a PR for this race, even though the last 5k I ran was a wet trail race, I was better trained and I hadn’t recently had surgery. 

So, today was my last jog until the race.  I’m hoping for quicker than 45 minutes, a great tshirt and a bib for my scrapbook. 



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