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Bohlke 5k August 20, 2012

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So, I went on Friday evening to pick up my race packet, and by packet I mean my bib and tshirt, for the 5k I ran yesterday.  It was a 5k where the money went to a scholarship fund for the local private school.  It was a really nice area and the school campus was beautiful, so I’m gonna guess people need scholarships to go there!  Friday, I got my bib and asked the guy handing them out questions about parking and what not and as I turned to leave, I asked about timing.  I’m not by any means a superstar runner, but still I want to be able to know my time.  He told me, the barcode on my bib was going to be scanned when I crossed the finish line.  I thought “really?” I guess thats what I get for paying $20 for a race, tshirt and pancake breakfast.

Saturday came and I went to the race, really kind of nervous because I was alone.  Its kind of unnerving standing around by yourself at an event like that.  When I got there I saw people with timing chips on their shoes, thankfully, but no sign indicating where to get them.  I finally walked around to every table they had set up and found the chip person.  They had shoe chips, but no ties for them, so I had to tie it to my shoe, which wouldn’t be bad if it hadn’t been jabbing me in the ankle most of the time.  The race started and no kidding, the first mile felt like it was totally up hill.  I’m used to running on a treadmill, with no incline, so these hills kind of kicked my butt.  I ran up the first two hills, so I’m actually pretty proud of that.

I hit the first mile in 10:08, which is WAY to fast for me.  My runs are usually closer to 14 min miles.  I blame it on all the elementary kids passing me in the beginning.  Kids are fast!  I hit mile 2 at 24 minutes or so and then finished the race in 39 minutes.  My GPS says the distance I ran was 3.28 miles, thinking about that, there were alot of inside tracks I could have taken… So, for me, being out for surgery and just getting back to jogging, I don’t think a 12:30ish pace isn’t bad.  If I can keep that kind of pace the whole half marathon in December, I’ll be estatic!

Today my quads and lower back are really sore though, so I can definetly tell I jogged some hills!  I imagine my jog will be considerably slower on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, I get my husband back.  He’s running a 15k on Saturday, so his taper week is going to probably be running with me… sad, I know.  He is asking me to consider doing the 5k that goes on the same time as the 15k, I’m thinking about it… Mostly because I want to even out our bib count.  After this weekend, we are even, but then this race will put him one up again!

Have a great week!


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