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The latest… September 3, 2012

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I haven’t written much lately, its been kind of hectic with the move and whatnot.  I have a few topics to write about, so here it goes…

My husband bought me a pair of Altra Eve shoes.  I had to put the cushion insole in it to make them fit.  They are kind of big, but I think a half size down would have been either perfect or on the edge of too small, so I am making them work.  I like that I can adjust the toe, mid foot area separate from the ankle.  I did go for a jog in them and my ankles and calves were not ready for a zero drop shoe.  I need to work on transitioning a bit slower.  My calves were so sore for the next few days!  It really sucked…

This week starts my half marathon training plan from Hal Higdon.  So, we’ll see how it goes, I’ll be sure to keep note. 

Yesterday, I went to run with my husband. In the rain, on a trail, with a lot of hills…  It was an enjoyable time, except my legs were not ready for any kind of hills, good workout, but SLOW going for me.  I made it 2.6 miles, in the rain on a wet trail… I think its not bad, for me at least.  I also had my husband critique my running technique, he made some changes that hopefully will make a significant difference.  I just have to remember to runway run with floppy feet.  Meaning, I have to remember to use major muscles groups to run to help out the calf muscles.  I also learned to relax my feet to help use less muscle while running.  So, hopefully that will help.  My husband also noticed I was running completely on my forefoot and switched that so I run a little more flat footed, I blame that on my Sketchers… I don’t know how it will feel to run more flat footed in the Sketchers.  I’ll have to give it a try or run in my Kinvara TR.  I ran for the first time in those on the trail and I love them, could be because they were wet though, so hopefully when they are dry it will be just as comfortable. 

That’s about all for now, this week is going to be about 12 miles, so I’m about doubling my mileage, fingers crossed my legs will cooperate with me!


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