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Higdon Training Day 1 September 4, 2012

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Today officially started my Higdon Half Marathon Training program.  12 weeks of getting me in shape enough to “run” 13.1 miles.  I’m skeptical that I will actually be able to do it, I’m sure the training is great and its a proven plan, but I just think my body hates to run.  It probably has a lot to do with all the extra weight my legs are having to carry while jogging, but isn’t that really the biggest reason to run?  Well, that’s my biggest reason at least.  I feel like I am too heavy to run but the quickest, most effective way to not be heavy is to run. Its like trying to get a job, you have to have experience to get a job but you don’t get experience without a job… Frustrating.  My husband told me the other day that I just don’t trust the training enough, that really I’m probably not the exception to the research that shows it works.  In my head I know he’s right, but I don’t know what it is that is mentally holding me back.  I’m hoping to figure that out by time the half comes along.

Training today consisted of a 3 mile run.  I jogged/walked the 3 miles which according to Strava took me about 36 min, but I was gone WAY longer than that.  My calves are still super tight from the run on Sunday with my husband.  I felt like I had to stop every quarter mile to stretch.  I don’t know if my thinking is right or not, but without all my pauses I was around a 12:20 pace or so, which is quicker than my last 5k, so if I can go out an jog on healthy legs, I should be able to maintain that steadily?  I have no idea.  Really, its not something I need to worry about, I just want to finish the half marathon in under 4 hours (the cut off).

I also got one of those cheap calendars at Walmart to write the training plan in so that I can put stars on the days I follow the plan.  For some reason, if I have to write things down (like a food journal or budget) I am better about doing what I should, so I’m hoping that will motivate me to follow this plan so I won’t have an empty space in my calendar.

Tomorrow is a 2 mile run, so I expect my calves to still hurt and it will take a while…  I still blame the Sketchers.




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