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Training Day 2 September 5, 2012

Filed under: Training — Erin @ 5:30 pm

Today was a 2 mile run or cross training according to my new friend Hal Higdon.  I thought about riding my bike for cross training instead of running, then the boy heard me say the word “bike” and wanted to ride his too.  He’s not very good at riding his bike, he’s not fast nor does he actually ride his bike any sort of distance that would be considered cross training.  So, I had to go out for a jog instead.

The StickLast night my husband decided to torture me with “the stick” to help get some of the lactic acid out of my calves.  I’ve done it to him numerous times, on various parts of his body and have seen the grimace on his face as I’ve done it.  I think it was mainly payback.  This morning when I woke up my calves considerably better than they had, until I started jogging and they tightened back up.  I did a 2 mile jog/walk this morning, it took me 25 min to make it two miles.

2XU Compression SocksSince my legs are so sore, I’ve given into wearing compression socks.  They can’t hurt, so hopefully they actually help.  I put them on after getting ready for the day and plan to wear them all day and maybe even to bed.  Maybe overkill?  Good thing I got some new jeans the other day, thanks to my step-mother-in-law, she has great taste and helped me find some jeans that fit!

I also had my nails done yesterday.  I had the lady paint them a nice fall color, dark red-ish.  I like the color, I don’t however like how well she painted my nails, or really how sloppy they ended up looking.  I usually would rather the salon person paint my nails because they are so clean and tidy about it, but not yesterday!  Looks like I might be repainting my nails in the near future.  I also had a pedicure yesterday, so my nails and toes match.  Its nice!

Tonight we get to go see my grandma, this will probably be the last time I get to see her until either my cousin’s wedding or after my husbands duty assignment in CA.  I’m getting used to going stretches of time without seeing my family, that’s not the hard part, the hard part is saying bye.

Anyway, tomorrow is a 3 miler, hopefully the compression socks do their job!


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