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Already Frustrated September 6, 2012

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Begin stream of consciousness… now:

Today I was supposed to be a 3 mile run according to the training plan.  I woke up this morning and just felt tired, not mentally, but physically.  I just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING.  My husband and I had a conversation about the order of which we are running today, someone has to be here with the kid, and he for some reason keeps insisting that I go first.  I declined today because I just couldn’t find the motivation, plus my legs hurt.  He went out for a run and I started crocheting a scarf.  It was an enjoyable hour or so and then he got back from his run and of course looks like he just had the greatest time of his life.  I ask him how is run goes and he says it was good.  I’m so jealous.  I can’t say I’ve EVER had a good run.  I had a good time when I ran the trail in the rain with my husband, but I wouldn’t have said it was a good run.

So, he gets in the hot tub and I change to get my butt out the door, just getting started is the hardest part right?  Well, I look gross in all of my exercise clothes, so I had to get over that.  Then there was the frustration of which shoes to wear, my sketchers or my minimus.  Neither one I really like running on the road in, well I don’t really like running in the sketchers anymore at all, but they are the only road shoes I have that don’t feel zero drop.  I know technically the NB are 4, but when I jog in them they feel like my Altras (which really are zero drop).  I finally decide on the sketchers because I hope they will be easy on my calves and shins, boy was I wrong!  I started out at a super slow jog, like even slow for me, and it was miserable.   Plus it was hot outside.  And I had to pee.  I jogged the first 1.1 mile and just had to walk the rest of the way.

I’m frustrated because its only the first week of training and I feel like I’m failing already.  I knew I wouldn’t be good at it, but I didn’t think I’d feel like crap doing it either.  I figured it would be uncomfortable til I got used to it or in some kind of rhythm, but I just don’t feel like that will happen.  I know it’s the first week, but still… Isn’t the newness of something supposed to take more than 3 days to wear off?

Tomorrow is a scheduled day off and then Sat is cross training, which I really am going to cross train on, my legs need it.  So I’m really, really, really hoping that the “long” run on Sunday goes better than today.  I plan to stick with this til the half marathon in December, I figure if I don’t like running by then, there isn’t any hope for me and I’ll have to become a Zumba instructor instead.



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