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Week One: Check! September 10, 2012

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I finished week one of my half marathon training plan today.  Thank you Mr. Higdon.  I had a rest day (yes!) and then a cross training day.  The cross training day was spent walking in a parade and then around a festival in my husbands home town.  Very low intensity, but I still counted it!

Parade Photo

My husband and son are among the blue shirts!

Today was my long run of 4 miles.  It was nice outside so I didn’t mind being out there for 56 min.  What I did mind was the concrete legs followed by the tight calves which then invited the arch pain to join the party in my left leg.  We had a great time!  This jog was no different than my previous ones, just longer.  I would jog and then walk and then jog and then walk.  I think the rest was good for me because I feel like I jogged more than I walked.  I’d check but the GPS app I use doesn’t break it down like that.  Yes, I have to use my iPhone to track my runs.  I did find today that its less uncomfortable to carry it in my bra than in my hand, though it gets sweatier in my bra.  I’ve been contemplating using headphones, but I don’t know where I’d put my phone to keep the headphone cord from irritating me.  You know what would solve all these problems?  A GPS watch that was an mp3 player that would use bluetooth to send the music, and run stats to wireless ear buds.  I’m sure its out there, and VERY expensive.  One day…

So with my 4 miles today that takes the week to 12 miles and 7 stars!

Calendar Photo

All 7 stars for Week One!

I have to stretch and roll my calves tomorrow to keep them from destroying the rest of my legs.  Even thought there is no actual running planned tomorrow, its going to be painful!  And week 2- Go!



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