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It was so cold! October 24, 2012

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This morning it was so cold!   I know we’re getting into the fall, but it wasn’t gradual.  I guess it doesn’t help that our landlord hasn’t turned on the heat yet.  I don’t think we need it constantly right now, but when its getting down to 40 at night, having the option to turn on the heat would be nice.

I eventually got out of bed and got dressed with the anticipation that jogging would keep me warm, I was sadly mistaking.  I started out jogging and quickly my legs filled with concrete and I slowed down, a lot.  It seems like I was finding excuses to stop to walk, first my headphones then my shorts (a number of times) anything!  I guess I wasn’t into it today.  It didn’t help that my legs are still tired from Saturday.  I’ve also been trying to run on an empty stomach to make my body burn fat for fuel, but I don’t think that is going to work for me.  I don’t seem to have enough energy to hit my 50 minutes.  I don’t know if I should just try a gel first thing and let that get me going and hope it will help transfer to my fat stores… Worth a shot I guess.

I am very paranoid about this half marathon I’m supposed to be doing in December.  Again, it seems like once I start making progress I hurt myself.  The rib thing is fixed, so it doesn’t hurt to breathe anymore, so I’m really just waiting for the next injury.  I know its going to happen, its just when and what.  I did a long run on Saturday, 4 miles, so I’m hoping to build on that enough that I make it through the half marathon.  I know its going to be tough because its a trail run and I don’t really do a whole lot of elevation running… I really want to be able to do this run, but i just don’t know how realistic it is.

I also have decided to start doing yoga for one of my days of exercise.  The doctor told me my blood pressure and weight are too high and that I need to do 50 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.  I know my body can’t handle that much running right now, so I want to sprinkle in some yoga.  Problem with that is, my yoga videos and mat are packed away waiting for us to get to our new house.  I’m not against buying another yoga mat, because lets be honest, two are way better than one when stacked together.  I am just hesitant because I’m home with a 4 year old all day and I’m pretty sure he won’t give me 50 minutes (or however long the yoga video is) to myself.  Its very discouraging.  He wakes up when I do, no matter what the time.  I can wake up at 530 to go jog and he’s right there with me!  So, I could try in the morning while my husband is still here but I’m not really a morning person, going jogging is one thing, it doesn’t really require thinking too hard, but yoga… that requires some concentration.

What I think would be a great thing, getting a slow cooker. On my yoga days I can put food in the slow cooker and do my yoga at the time I should be cooking dinner.  Or my husband can make dinner, but he hasn’t actually made a dinner in I don’t know how long…  I also feel since I’m not working that I should make dinner since he’s been at work all day, you know?

Anyway, thats my rant for now.  Tomorrow is another day and my goal is 3.5 miles!


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