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A Busy Tuesday October 30, 2012

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This morning I didn’t have as hard of a time getting out of bed, which was nice.  It wasn’t as cold!  I convinced myself that I would just get out there and walk, or walk/jog whichever I thought would feel good this morning.  It wasn’t too cold outside, it was cool enough that I wanted to keep moving but not too cold that I wouldn’t keep going.


I jogged down my normal road, down and back, but I was at about 30 min, so I needed another 20 minutes.  I turned down a new road that has a sidewalk and a bike trail.  I honestly didn’t think I’d hit 3 miles doing that extra side road, I thought I’d hit my 5o minutes before the 3 miles, but when I got home and checked my phone, I was at 3.4 miles.  It was a nice surprise.  It actually wasn’t a horrible jog either.

I think since the pressure is off for the half marathon, I am able to go at a pace and distance that doesn’t make me dread or hate my jogs.  I still want to run a half marathon, but I need to give myself a better chance at succeeding by having a better base built before starting training.  Thats what I’m working on now.  My goal is a June half marathon.  I really want to run a Disney half marathon, but they don’t really fit into my timeline.  Bummer.  So, now I’m looking to the half marathon at the San Diego Zoo.

On another note, the boy and I have a busy day today.  I have to get my nails done, we have story time and then grocery shopping.  I also have to clean his costume from the halloween party we went to on Saturday.  There was a hayride and the butt and legs of his costume have straw sticking out of them.  I guess I could try to convince him he’s a bat scarecrow?

Bat Boy

This week is going to be a crazy one, with Halloween and my husband leaving this weekend for 7 days.  Next week will be either extremely stressful or extremely peaceful.  We will see how it goes with him being gone the whole week.  Take care!


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