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Pile on the Miles! November 1, 2012

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Pile on the Miles from RunEatRepeat starts today.  I haven’t started off the challenge very well 😦  When my alarm went off this morning, I turned it off.  When my husbands alarm went off he asked me if I was running and I said no, and we both left it at that.  Usually he won’t let me say no, but he must not have been up for arguing this morning.  I thought to myself that I could just take the boy for a walk this afternoon and we’d both get some exercise in, little did I know, he’s anti-exercise today.  I’m considering offering to get him ice cream if we walk to get it.  The ice cream place is only about a mile down the street, so we’d get 2 miles or so in.  I could wait until my husband gets home, but he has to work late tonight.  Nothing wants to seem to work with me.  I have to just accept that I have to wake up early to go jogging or walking.  I keep thinking I can make it work during the day, but it never does.  A.M. it is then.

I’m still trying to get yoga fit into my schedule.  I guess I need to just give in and buy a new mat.  I also have on my buying wish list: GPS watch and an iPod Nano.  I HATE having to carry my phone with me when I’m jogging.  The emails and texts and notifications piss me off when they ding in the middle of a podcast.  Not to mention, its bulky and heavy and I have to either put it in my bra or in my waistband, neither on which are comfortable.  Maybe Santa will be good to me.  I’d be happy with either a Garmin 10 or a Nike+ GPS.

I am planning on trying night running tonight, if my husband gets home at a decent hour so we can have dinner early enough to make that happen.  Fingers Crossed.


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