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Unprepared! November 28, 2012

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So, I haven’t really had much to write about because I’ve not actually been doing what I should be.  Since moving to California, I’ve been trying to find a job, which is a lot harder in a small town!  I broke down and joined a head hunting firm to help me out… They are having a job fair the same day I was supposed to run my half-marathon.  As a couple, my husband and I decided it was better for me to go to the job fair than run the half.  In my head I was thinking “great, now I don’t have to hate running by following a training plan I don’t have a good base to comfortably do.”  I decided I would run a half late spring next year instead (looking at the San Diego Zoo half).

Well… Things change, I still need a job, but I’m not going to the job fair this month, I’m going next.  Turns out- childcare is really really expensive and my husband has to work Monday, so we would have to pay out the wazoo for someone to watch the boy.  Not to mention, my husband is running his first Marathon on Saturday and really wanted us to be there for him, and I don’t blame him.  So, logistically I would have been a mess trying to make it to the marathon with him and then the job fair on Sun & Mon.  Going from San Fran on Sat, driving 9 hours back here so that I can drive the 3 hours to San Diego.  We just couldn’t make it work.  I got lucky that the next job fair is in January!  I’m honestly hoping there are more employers because it will be after the holidays and a new fiscal year.

So, I’m back to being able to run the half!  Wahoo!  And if anyone has been looking at the weather for SF this weekend, it doesn’t look pretty.  Its supposed to start raining today and not stop until Monday, which wouldn’t be bad if it were a road race, but its not… We are running trail races.  The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship!  I’m intimidated to say the least.  The climbing that is on the course + wet conditions + an untrained Erin = probably a miserable time.  I’ve been hiking quite a bit, so I know my legs are more prepared than they would have been when I signed up for the half, but still… My longest run has been 4 miles, and it was on a sidewalk.  The cut off for the half is 4 hours, which is somewhere around an 18 min pace, so as long as I can keep that pace for 13.1 miles I will make it.  I know my walking pace is about a 14 min mile, so I know I will be cutting it close because the climbs will slow me down.

Since the marathon is on Saturday and the half on Sunday, I’m going to play it by ear.  If my husband had a miserable time (and he loves this kind of stuff) then I’m going to pass.  If he says it wasn’t that bad, then I’ll give it a go.  I really don’t know if it will be more demoralizing getting a DNF or not even trying.  On one hand I will beat myself up if I don’t finish, even though I know I’m not trained.  On the other hand, I could beat myself up for not even trying, I don’t want to feel like I quit before I try. I also don’t want to have such a horrible experience that I never want to run a trail again.  So, really I have no idea what I should do.

This morning I went for a couple miles, just to remind my legs what its like to jog.  It was the fastest I’ve ran 2 miles in quite some time.  I think it was good that I did that, my legs needed some waking up!  It was also good this morning because I wore the jacket I was thinking about wearing on Sunday.  I realized that it is great in the beginning, but as I warm up, its too hot.  It was 45ish degrees this morning, so I will have that to compare to on Sunday.  I would love to have a long sleeved technical shirt to wear, it would be the right weight I think, plus it won’t hold as much water as my jacket, or any other long sleeved shirt I own.  I might see what I can find this week.

I also go a new pair of shoes for the half on Saturday, not the greatest idea, I know, but the only other trail shoes I have are too small and will probably tear up my feet on the downhills.  I’ve worn them a few times hiking and they seem good.  They are Montrails, I had tried on a pair of Brooks earlier in the day but didn’t like the color so didn’t buy them.  I regret that decision!  But seriously, who wants to wear a brown shoe?  Brown with black I understand, like the Cascadia, but brown with no black?  I always wear black shorts or skirt when I exercise, so it is purely superficial on my part, but I don’t want to clash!

So, hopefully it is a pleasant experience!


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