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Kale Chips January 9, 2013

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I made kale chips yesterday. They have been hugely popular because of the health benefits. Apparently eating a dark leafy green is preferred to eating potato chips! So I bought a bunch of kale and bakes it until crispy. Seasoned with salt, cumin and garlic and then tasted.


I have to admit. I still can’t decide if I like them. The first bite is kind I pleasant but the more you chew the more bitter it gets. I keep trying them hoping its an acquired taste.

Anyone else tries kale chips? Love them? Hate them?


House puddle December 18, 2012

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A dripping sound woke me up at 3am. It so happened to be the water heater, leaking its contents onto the floor. Awesome. I’m thinking tankless is the way to go after sweeping water out the door for an hour.


Anyway. I’m still trying to find motivation to start a new training plan. I only have time really to jog in the am, and it’s chilly… Plus I really need to do base training and my heart rate monitor is MIA. So… Time will tell.


The latest… September 3, 2012

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I haven’t written much lately, its been kind of hectic with the move and whatnot.  I have a few topics to write about, so here it goes…

My husband bought me a pair of Altra Eve shoes.  I had to put the cushion insole in it to make them fit.  They are kind of big, but I think a half size down would have been either perfect or on the edge of too small, so I am making them work.  I like that I can adjust the toe, mid foot area separate from the ankle.  I did go for a jog in them and my ankles and calves were not ready for a zero drop shoe.  I need to work on transitioning a bit slower.  My calves were so sore for the next few days!  It really sucked…

This week starts my half marathon training plan from Hal Higdon.  So, we’ll see how it goes, I’ll be sure to keep note. 

Yesterday, I went to run with my husband. In the rain, on a trail, with a lot of hills…  It was an enjoyable time, except my legs were not ready for any kind of hills, good workout, but SLOW going for me.  I made it 2.6 miles, in the rain on a wet trail… I think its not bad, for me at least.  I also had my husband critique my running technique, he made some changes that hopefully will make a significant difference.  I just have to remember to runway run with floppy feet.  Meaning, I have to remember to use major muscles groups to run to help out the calf muscles.  I also learned to relax my feet to help use less muscle while running.  So, hopefully that will help.  My husband also noticed I was running completely on my forefoot and switched that so I run a little more flat footed, I blame that on my Sketchers… I don’t know how it will feel to run more flat footed in the Sketchers.  I’ll have to give it a try or run in my Kinvara TR.  I ran for the first time in those on the trail and I love them, could be because they were wet though, so hopefully when they are dry it will be just as comfortable. 

That’s about all for now, this week is going to be about 12 miles, so I’m about doubling my mileage, fingers crossed my legs will cooperate with me!


Bohlke 5k August 20, 2012

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So, I went on Friday evening to pick up my race packet, and by packet I mean my bib and tshirt, for the 5k I ran yesterday.  It was a 5k where the money went to a scholarship fund for the local private school.  It was a really nice area and the school campus was beautiful, so I’m gonna guess people need scholarships to go there!  Friday, I got my bib and asked the guy handing them out questions about parking and what not and as I turned to leave, I asked about timing.  I’m not by any means a superstar runner, but still I want to be able to know my time.  He told me, the barcode on my bib was going to be scanned when I crossed the finish line.  I thought “really?” I guess thats what I get for paying $20 for a race, tshirt and pancake breakfast.

Saturday came and I went to the race, really kind of nervous because I was alone.  Its kind of unnerving standing around by yourself at an event like that.  When I got there I saw people with timing chips on their shoes, thankfully, but no sign indicating where to get them.  I finally walked around to every table they had set up and found the chip person.  They had shoe chips, but no ties for them, so I had to tie it to my shoe, which wouldn’t be bad if it hadn’t been jabbing me in the ankle most of the time.  The race started and no kidding, the first mile felt like it was totally up hill.  I’m used to running on a treadmill, with no incline, so these hills kind of kicked my butt.  I ran up the first two hills, so I’m actually pretty proud of that.

I hit the first mile in 10:08, which is WAY to fast for me.  My runs are usually closer to 14 min miles.  I blame it on all the elementary kids passing me in the beginning.  Kids are fast!  I hit mile 2 at 24 minutes or so and then finished the race in 39 minutes.  My GPS says the distance I ran was 3.28 miles, thinking about that, there were alot of inside tracks I could have taken… So, for me, being out for surgery and just getting back to jogging, I don’t think a 12:30ish pace isn’t bad.  If I can keep that kind of pace the whole half marathon in December, I’ll be estatic!

Today my quads and lower back are really sore though, so I can definetly tell I jogged some hills!  I imagine my jog will be considerably slower on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, I get my husband back.  He’s running a 15k on Saturday, so his taper week is going to probably be running with me… sad, I know.  He is asking me to consider doing the 5k that goes on the same time as the 15k, I’m thinking about it… Mostly because I want to even out our bib count.  After this weekend, we are even, but then this race will put him one up again!

Have a great week!


Quicky (for me) August 16, 2012

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This morning my alarm went off to get up and go for a jog.  Well, my head get out of the bed but my body just didn’t want to move, so my head had to strike a deal with my body… 2 miles, I know seems like such a short distance, but I’m working on it.  I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, mind you its 6am, and find my 4 year old awake and ready to go, wanting breakfast and to play Mario Kart.  On top of being up at 6am, he came to tell me he had to go potty last night around 10, so I have no idea how much sleep he got to tell what kind of mood he’ll be in. 

Back to the jog… I started out apparently at a quick pace, I noticed I was breathing heavier than I usually do sooner into my jog, but I thought I was just tired.  Then, my iPhone GPS thingy told me I was at half a mile, already!  I was going significantly faster than I usually run, I don’t really have any idea why… My first mile was at 11:38.  That is really fast for me.  I’m usually pushing 14 minutes.  My second mile didn’t go as fast, but still faster than my usual 14 minutes.  I had my 2 miles done averaging a 12:20 pace.  If I can keep even close to that pace for my 5k on Saturday, I will be estatic!

Speaking of a 5k, I signed up for a 5k in Cincinnati, the Bohlke 5k walk/run.  I signed up for the run and they even had a category for fat girls like me, so I put my hat into that ring!  I’m hoping that will make my competition easier, I mean how many overweight people run?  Not a whole lot, from what I gather, overweight people who run aren’t overweight for long 🙂 Here’s hoping thats the case with me!  I’m not expecting a PR for this race, even though the last 5k I ran was a wet trail race, I was better trained and I hadn’t recently had surgery. 

So, today was my last jog until the race.  I’m hoping for quicker than 45 minutes, a great tshirt and a bib for my scrapbook. 



Hi! August 14, 2012

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Hey everyone, I am going to write down my jogging experience for tracking purposes and also so I can go back and look at it later.  The internet has given us means to keep information to look at it later, I know people did this with diaries before blogs, but this seems so much more convenient, though not nearly as private.  I don’t know if I’ll want to go back and look at what I did and how I felt, but I have a feeling I might.  I’ve done a lot of great things so far in my life that I wish I had written down details so that I can have help remembering them, but I didn’t and most of those details are already lost. 

I’m not a runner, at all, I actually don’t enjoy the act of jogging or running or really even walking, but its something I want to learn to like and enjoy.  My husband has recently become a runner and he hated it before he started, so I know its possible.  I enjoy exercise, things like group classes or weight training, but for some reason, cardio has never been my thing.  I’m trying to change that, so herein is the transformation. 


In an effort to get me started, my husband and I signed up for the North Face Endurance Challenge in San Fransisco this winter.  He’s running the marathon and me the half.  I really want to have an enjoyable experinece and not hate it.  My husband has found the Hal Higdon training plan that I’m going to follow to get myself through the half, it looks like a good plan. 

So, as I keep training I will be writing about training, shoes, gear and generally my opinion on anything I see that might be good to know information.  Have a good one!




Hello world!

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Happy blogging!


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