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Just keep running January 18, 2013

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First run, non stop. No walking today!!



First long run January 17, 2013

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Unprepared! November 28, 2012

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So, I haven’t really had much to write about because I’ve not actually been doing what I should be.  Since moving to California, I’ve been trying to find a job, which is a lot harder in a small town!  I broke down and joined a head hunting firm to help me out… They are having a job fair the same day I was supposed to run my half-marathon.  As a couple, my husband and I decided it was better for me to go to the job fair than run the half.  In my head I was thinking “great, now I don’t have to hate running by following a training plan I don’t have a good base to comfortably do.”  I decided I would run a half late spring next year instead (looking at the San Diego Zoo half).

Well… Things change, I still need a job, but I’m not going to the job fair this month, I’m going next.  Turns out- childcare is really really expensive and my husband has to work Monday, so we would have to pay out the wazoo for someone to watch the boy.  Not to mention, my husband is running his first Marathon on Saturday and really wanted us to be there for him, and I don’t blame him.  So, logistically I would have been a mess trying to make it to the marathon with him and then the job fair on Sun & Mon.  Going from San Fran on Sat, driving 9 hours back here so that I can drive the 3 hours to San Diego.  We just couldn’t make it work.  I got lucky that the next job fair is in January!  I’m honestly hoping there are more employers because it will be after the holidays and a new fiscal year.

So, I’m back to being able to run the half!  Wahoo!  And if anyone has been looking at the weather for SF this weekend, it doesn’t look pretty.  Its supposed to start raining today and not stop until Monday, which wouldn’t be bad if it were a road race, but its not… We are running trail races.  The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship!  I’m intimidated to say the least.  The climbing that is on the course + wet conditions + an untrained Erin = probably a miserable time.  I’ve been hiking quite a bit, so I know my legs are more prepared than they would have been when I signed up for the half, but still… My longest run has been 4 miles, and it was on a sidewalk.  The cut off for the half is 4 hours, which is somewhere around an 18 min pace, so as long as I can keep that pace for 13.1 miles I will make it.  I know my walking pace is about a 14 min mile, so I know I will be cutting it close because the climbs will slow me down.

Since the marathon is on Saturday and the half on Sunday, I’m going to play it by ear.  If my husband had a miserable time (and he loves this kind of stuff) then I’m going to pass.  If he says it wasn’t that bad, then I’ll give it a go.  I really don’t know if it will be more demoralizing getting a DNF or not even trying.  On one hand I will beat myself up if I don’t finish, even though I know I’m not trained.  On the other hand, I could beat myself up for not even trying, I don’t want to feel like I quit before I try. I also don’t want to have such a horrible experience that I never want to run a trail again.  So, really I have no idea what I should do.

This morning I went for a couple miles, just to remind my legs what its like to jog.  It was the fastest I’ve ran 2 miles in quite some time.  I think it was good that I did that, my legs needed some waking up!  It was also good this morning because I wore the jacket I was thinking about wearing on Sunday.  I realized that it is great in the beginning, but as I warm up, its too hot.  It was 45ish degrees this morning, so I will have that to compare to on Sunday.  I would love to have a long sleeved technical shirt to wear, it would be the right weight I think, plus it won’t hold as much water as my jacket, or any other long sleeved shirt I own.  I might see what I can find this week.

I also go a new pair of shoes for the half on Saturday, not the greatest idea, I know, but the only other trail shoes I have are too small and will probably tear up my feet on the downhills.  I’ve worn them a few times hiking and they seem good.  They are Montrails, I had tried on a pair of Brooks earlier in the day but didn’t like the color so didn’t buy them.  I regret that decision!  But seriously, who wants to wear a brown shoe?  Brown with black I understand, like the Cascadia, but brown with no black?  I always wear black shorts or skirt when I exercise, so it is purely superficial on my part, but I don’t want to clash!

So, hopefully it is a pleasant experience!


A Busy Tuesday October 30, 2012

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This morning I didn’t have as hard of a time getting out of bed, which was nice.  It wasn’t as cold!  I convinced myself that I would just get out there and walk, or walk/jog whichever I thought would feel good this morning.  It wasn’t too cold outside, it was cool enough that I wanted to keep moving but not too cold that I wouldn’t keep going.


I jogged down my normal road, down and back, but I was at about 30 min, so I needed another 20 minutes.  I turned down a new road that has a sidewalk and a bike trail.  I honestly didn’t think I’d hit 3 miles doing that extra side road, I thought I’d hit my 5o minutes before the 3 miles, but when I got home and checked my phone, I was at 3.4 miles.  It was a nice surprise.  It actually wasn’t a horrible jog either.

I think since the pressure is off for the half marathon, I am able to go at a pace and distance that doesn’t make me dread or hate my jogs.  I still want to run a half marathon, but I need to give myself a better chance at succeeding by having a better base built before starting training.  Thats what I’m working on now.  My goal is a June half marathon.  I really want to run a Disney half marathon, but they don’t really fit into my timeline.  Bummer.  So, now I’m looking to the half marathon at the San Diego Zoo.



It was so cold! October 24, 2012

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This morning it was so cold!   I know we’re getting into the fall, but it wasn’t gradual.  I guess it doesn’t help that our landlord hasn’t turned on the heat yet.  I don’t think we need it constantly right now, but when its getting down to 40 at night, having the option to turn on the heat would be nice.

I eventually got out of bed and got dressed with the anticipation that jogging would keep me warm, I was sadly mistaking.  I started out jogging and quickly my legs filled with concrete and I slowed down, a lot.  It seems like I was finding excuses to stop to walk, first my headphones then my shorts (a number of times) anything!  I guess I wasn’t into it today.  It didn’t help that my legs are still tired from Saturday.  I’ve also been trying to run on an empty stomach to make my body burn fat for fuel, but I don’t think that is going to work for me.  I don’t seem to have enough energy to hit my 50 minutes.  I don’t know if I should just try a gel first thing and let that get me going and hope it will help transfer to my fat stores… Worth a shot I guess.

I am very paranoid about this half marathon I’m supposed to be doing in December.  Again, it seems like once I start making progress I hurt myself.  The rib thing is fixed, so it doesn’t hurt to breathe anymore, so I’m really just waiting for the next injury.  I know its going to happen, its just when and what.  I did a long run on Saturday, 4 miles, so I’m hoping to build on that enough that I make it through the half marathon.  I know its going to be tough because its a trail run and I don’t really do a whole lot of elevation running… I really want to be able to do this run, but i just don’t know how realistic it is.

I also have decided to start doing yoga for one of my days of exercise.  The doctor told me my blood pressure and weight are too high and that I need to do 50 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.  I know my body can’t handle that much running right now, so I want to sprinkle in some yoga.  Problem with that is, my yoga videos and mat are packed away waiting for us to get to our new house.  I’m not against buying another yoga mat, because lets be honest, two are way better than one when stacked together.  I am just hesitant because I’m home with a 4 year old all day and I’m pretty sure he won’t give me 50 minutes (or however long the yoga video is) to myself.  Its very discouraging.  He wakes up when I do, no matter what the time.  I can wake up at 530 to go jog and he’s right there with me!  So, I could try in the morning while my husband is still here but I’m not really a morning person, going jogging is one thing, it doesn’t really require thinking too hard, but yoga… that requires some concentration.

What I think would be a great thing, getting a slow cooker. On my yoga days I can put food in the slow cooker and do my yoga at the time I should be cooking dinner.  Or my husband can make dinner, but he hasn’t actually made a dinner in I don’t know how long…  I also feel since I’m not working that I should make dinner since he’s been at work all day, you know?

Anyway, thats my rant for now.  Tomorrow is another day and my goal is 3.5 miles!


Week 2 Part 1 September 15, 2012

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Week two started out alright.  Monday was spent at the park with my son and I ended up getting rope burn.  I had a 3 miler on Tuesday, which was pretty uneventful.  I did end up cutting it a little bit short because the 3 miles I jog goes down hill from 1.4-1.5 miles and I just didn’t feel like having to go back up that hill, so really I was at 2.8 miles. Wednesday I decided to ride my bike instead of jog.  My legs kind of hated me during that ride!  I use a lot of my lower leg running, so they’ve been sore and tired and using larger muscles to ride a bike was a nice rest for my calves.  My quads were burning once I got to 4 miles though!  I biked probably 4.5 miles and called it a day.

I was supposed to have another 3 miles on Thursday but decided to take that as my rest day instead, we were just so busy on Thursday by time I had time to go out, I was really just worn out.  I really do appreciate the fluidity of the plan I’m working with.  Friday we went out to the park again so I could take pictures and my husband could run the trail.

By time we got home from the park it was early evening (almost dinner) and my husband kind of forced me to go do my 3 miles (thank you for holding me accountable).  I had planned on using the hike along the trail as my cross training for Saturday.  Nope, my husband wouldn’t let me.  So I started off on my jog, got going and then saw a small dog running around without a person.  I looked around to see if I saw anyone trying to find him and didn’t see anyone.  I jogged a little ways down the path and saw a lady carrying a leash without a dog attached, so 2 + 2 = lost dog owner.  I helped her catch her dog and then continued on my jog.  I made it to the 1.5 mile mark this time (woo hoo) and turned around and on my way back down the hill I hear a popping noise, I kind of ignored it because I thought it was possibly my water bottle, but not soon after, my knee decides to quit supporting my body weight and I stumble.  Apparently the popping was my knee!  I walked a little ways and I felt like I had walked it out and tried jogging again.  I could take 6 steps or so before my knee starts popping and I start to limp.  It was really kind of frustrating because my legs felt tired this time, but they were feeling better than they had since I started.  Really, really frustrating.  I finally feel decent to where I think I’ll get a good run in and my knee craps out on me.  Figures.

My husband plays doctor last night and decides its runners knee and that I need to realign my knee cap.  I had a similar problem a couple years ago and had to go to physical therapy for it, so I know how to tape my knee cap back in place.  My husband went to the drug store to get some sports tape, but it doesn’t stick very well at all!  I remember it being super sticky and stiff from when I was a kid.  Oh well.  Our next idea was k-tape, but that is super expensive.  I settled on one of those knee band things that is supposed to support your knee cap.  I’ll see how it goes.

While I was getting my knee thingy at that mall, I stopped in at Bare Essentials to get some foundation and had a dude do my makeup.  I’ve never had a guy help me with makeup before, I’ve had a guy do my hair, my nails, my eyebrows, but never my makeup.  It was weird.


Week One: Check! September 10, 2012

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I finished week one of my half marathon training plan today.  Thank you Mr. Higdon.  I had a rest day (yes!) and then a cross training day.  The cross training day was spent walking in a parade and then around a festival in my husbands home town.  Very low intensity, but I still counted it!

Parade Photo

My husband and son are among the blue shirts!

Today was my long run of 4 miles.  It was nice outside so I didn’t mind being out there for 56 min.  What I did mind was the concrete legs followed by the tight calves which then invited the arch pain to join the party in my left leg.  We had a great time!  This jog was no different than my previous ones, just longer.  I would jog and then walk and then jog and then walk.  I think the rest was good for me because I feel like I jogged more than I walked.  I’d check but the GPS app I use doesn’t break it down like that.  Yes, I have to use my iPhone to track my runs.  I did find today that its less uncomfortable to carry it in my bra than in my hand, though it gets sweatier in my bra.  I’ve been contemplating using headphones, but I don’t know where I’d put my phone to keep the headphone cord from irritating me.  You know what would solve all these problems?  A GPS watch that was an mp3 player that would use bluetooth to send the music, and run stats to wireless ear buds.  I’m sure its out there, and VERY expensive.  One day…

So with my 4 miles today that takes the week to 12 miles and 7 stars!

Calendar Photo

All 7 stars for Week One!

I have to stretch and roll my calves tomorrow to keep them from destroying the rest of my legs.  Even thought there is no actual running planned tomorrow, its going to be painful!  And week 2- Go!



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